Pages Admin now officially supports runs on MeteorJS 1.5, we have took the time integrate all Pages demo components and widgets to a MeteorJS but this is under Beta with new layouts. Any contribution on Meteorjs is welcome.

Dependencies Required to be installed from Atmosphere

  • kadira:blaze-layout
  • kadira:flow-router
  • zimme:active-route
  • less
  • abpetkov:switchery
  • rgnevashev:select2
  • summernote:summernote
  • vansonhk:bootstrap3-datepicker
  • gilbertwat:bootstrap3-daterangepicker
  • rcy:nouislider
  • postrednik:meteor-rangeslider
  • themeteorchef:jquery-validation
  • ryanswapp:interactjs
  • isotope:isotope
  • iamkevingreen:imagesloaded
  • snamoah:bootstrap-wizard
  • coursierprive:tether
  • momentjs:[email protected]
  • cwaring:modernizr
  • gromo:jquery.scrollbar
  • fortawesome:fontawesome



Router is located in imports/startup/client/routes.js BlazeLayout render layout name to change layouts


Router is located in imports/ui/layouts/ Some layouts may use extra classes like horizontal. Therefore in the routes.js file on your route code and this extra callbacks on route. Remeber to add the appropriate classs

          triggersEnter: [function() {
  triggersExit: [function() {


Each components like sidebar, horizontal nav, search and quick view can be found in imports/ui/components/

LESS and Styles

All LESS files in Pages are available in imports/ui/stylesheets/ To change a theme go to client/main.less and change the varriable @theme-name

Demo Files

Demo files are localed in client/views

Facing Problems and Issues

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We will be glad to help you out. There will be constant updates to meteorjs to make it 100% compatible with all 5 layouts