Font rendering will deffer from browser to browser and even platform to platform and sometimes it will look good on a Mac and would look horrible on Windows, this is something we see in most of the websites, We took web framework to whole new level where it looks good in all devices! no matter what platform browser or device you will you use it will look great

We Developed an algorithm that will automatically select which font is best rendered as for your operating system. This is how it the render performance looks like

Tip : Typography Performance
Pages framework is purely built using native OS fonts there by load impact on you page is really less when compared See Load

Heading Fonts

Platform Base Font Fall Back
Mac OSX Helvetica Neue Arial
Windows SegeoUI Arial
Linux Ubuntu Arial
iOS Helvetica Neue Arial
Android Helvetica Neue Arial
Windows Mobile SegeoUI Arial

Base Font

Arial, The best Universal Multi-purpose. 98% Rendering rate
The ArialĀ® typeface : http://www.fonts.com/font/monotype/arial

Other Fonts

The MontserratĀ® typeface : http://www.google.com/ fonts/specimen/Montserrat

Font Color Classes

You can add these classes to any element and its color of the font will change

Heading color



Body text



Hinted text



Primary color



Success color



Complete color



Danger color



Warning color



example :

<!-- In Paragraph -->
<p class="text-primary">Font Colour Changes! </p>

<!-- In any other tag -->
<div class="text-success">Font Colour Changes! </div>

Font Size Classes

If you wish to change the default font size, then you can apply the following classes

example :

Font Size 12px

Font Size 13px

Font Size 14px

Font Size 15px

Font Size 16px

<!-- In Font Size 12 -->
<p class="fs-12">Font Size 12px </p>

<!-- In Font Size 13 -->
<p class="fs-13">Font Size 13px </p>

<!-- In Font Size 14 -->
<p class="fs-14">Font Size 14px </p>

<!-- In Font Size 15 -->
<p class="fs-15">Font Size 15px </p>

<!-- In Font Size 16 -->
<p class="fs-16">Font Size 16px </p>

Font Weights

Try out different font weights, this can be applied if the font supports it only, works partial support for Arial - Paragraphs Full support for Headings

example :

Most Boldest
<!-- Heading Light Weight -->
<h5 class="light">Thinnest</h5>

<!-- Heading Semi-bold Weight -->
<h5 class="semi-bold">Semi-bold</h5>

<!-- Heading bold Weight -->
<h5 class="bold">Most Boldest</h5>

Font Face Switching

Apply heading font to paragraph or apply paragraph font to heading, you can switch it either way

example :

Im now Arial

I look different now

<!-- Heading with Arial font -->
<h5 class="font-arial">Im now Arial</h5>

<!-- Paragraph with heading font -->
<p class="font-montserrat">I look different now</p>
For native Bootstrap typography classes Bootstrap Documentation

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