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Select a layout below to start.

Our beautifully-designed UI Framework come with hundreds of customizable features. Every Layout is just a starting point—you can style it to look any way you want.

5 layouts with 2 sublayouts each supporting 7 themes.

condensed layout Open HTML Open Angular Open React

Condensed menu

Pages condensed

One of our most popular Layouts, Pages Condensed offers a wide range of responsive space specifically for dashboards with heavy content.

condensed layout Open HTML Open Angular Open React

Horizontal menu


A Professional template with a timeless look, best suited to quickly create a serious organized experience.

condensed layout Open HTML Open Angular Open React

Open menu

Pages corporate.

Corporate is a bold, cool Layout that elevates your content by utilizing a clean layout and a simple, open interface.

condensed layout Open HTML Open Angular Open React

Horizontal long menu

Pages casual.

A new tone of voice – a relaxed, friendly, joyful layout that quickly makes the user experience more personal, casual and fun!.

condensed layout Open HTML Open Angular Open React

Open menu

Simply white

In a world of complexity, Simplicity defeats stress. Simply white is an open simple, minimal yet striking layout, built to combat stress.

6th Layout

Coming Soon

We love our customers, Every update is always free for any purchased user.

Developer Friendly

Design. Develop. Distribute.

Developed on clean HTML, CSS, and JS. Our code is well-structured and ready to modify. We support modern web frameworks like Angular and React!

Clean code

Less bulky and clean code with bootstrap theme standards

Light Weighted

light weight code makes the framework less bulky and increases the speed of load.

Smooth as Silk.

GPU performance for animation for an ultra smooth and fast Experience.

100+ Widgets & Plugins

Widgets and plugins to quickly deploy a good experience with the dashboard.

Well Documented

Get Started with a detailed guide from the experts.

Fully responsive

From Mobile to desktop, Fits any screen.

Design Language.

Carefully hand-crafted design.

Carefully handcrafted to maintain consistency and quality.

Multiple Layouts

Switch between layouts to experience an whole new look and feel for your product.


Animation curves are made natural and quick to produce motion.

2x Retina Ready

Web components will look sharper on different high density displays.

Syncing colors

Pick the Primary colors and the framework will automatically sync the color hues.

Hinted Typography

Fonts for various OS browsers, Either its Windows, Mac OSx, Or ubuntu, It does it all


Select a wide variety of icons ranging from font awesome to in-buit icons.

Photoshop Files Layered PSD Available

Premium Figma Version Auto Layout and Variant Ready

Figma files for
Design &

Perfect instrument for creating an interactive
prototype. Components and templates are
named, sorted, and combined into Figma Files.

Preview in Figma community

Github Repository Access

Get Access to our private Github Repository and get instant updates.

Request Access

Purchased Customers Only

Don't take our word for it


From design to documentation this is unparalleled finesse. Simply fabulous. I really wish, that there were certain benchmarks set for the market based on this theme. Or a certain minimum requirements for every theme to be in the market based on this theme. I am a huge fan!

July 2017


A well documented and versatile admin dashboard that is great for a multitude of different projects!

July 2017


Brilliant, Just Brilliant

May 2017


Outstanding admin dashboard. The best one I've used to date.

April 2017


I think this HTML template is one of the best I ever seen, with good material design and a lot of pages to be used for my work, it's really an outstanding combination. Absolutely great, thanks team...

March 2017


This theme has everything I've been looking for...and more! Christmas came early today when I purchased this theme. Hats off to the designers!!.

December 2017


Hands down, the best admin template out there. Great support, perfect community, cohesive code, lays great foundation to any flexible projects. The highlight is the extensive care into the User Experience, transparent and silky smooth, brings great confidence to your team. Superb quality overall.

October 2016


I am just saying it's the most fascinating template that I've ever seen, specially from the architecture points of view. I am a software architect and I can say it is the first template that I could relate.

September 2016


Brilliantly executed, easily extensible and very easy to work with. Lastly the design is absolutely stunning! Deserves every star...ever.



WOW. Seriously. This is one of the best admin dashboards you can find. What time has been taken into this, you'd be a fool to pass it up.



There are many reasons why I rate this 5 star. Design is...hands down, superb! But that's not the only thing here, I have not seen much themes which have solid code fundamentals as compare to this. Pages dashboard has very well thought and organized javascripts. It's not just a theme, it's a framework by itself. I'm using the AngularJS version and I am very impressed with the combination power which the developer brings both of the best of jQuery and AngularJS with superb design quality to this theme. Nothing is perfect, but this is the ONE theme, which I believe it sets the mark of excellence in theme making. Thank you for such a great product.



Best admin template I have used so far. Great attention to details, good mix of features, excellent use of plugins.



Pay once, use

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be not charged for.

What's included?
  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Free Future updates
  • 6 months support
Works with
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Angular 13
  • React 18

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What’s your refund policy?

Given the nature of digital content, a refund or credit on a purchase is not granted unless one of the promises given by the author in section 21 has been breached, or a refund is required under the Envato Market Refund Rules or Australian consumer law or other relevant consumer protection laws.

Is there an angular version?

Yes, now we support the most up to date Angular release 13! Hooray!

Is there an react version?

Yes we support the most up to date React version 18! Check out the demo above!

Where do I get the design files?

Our Themeforest bundle and most up to date githuib repository houses both of our design files for photoshop and figma.

Do you accept special contracts?

Currently, Yes we do. You can reach us at at and tell us about your project and our team will be excited to have a look at it.

What does support Include?

Includes; Availability of the author to answer questions. Get assistance with reported bugs and issues. Help with included 3rd party assets. Support does not include; Customizations and installations. For more information check item support policy.

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